• CUPE-2361---NEWS---Rally-in-Orono

    OPSEU President to join rally to save Orono’s LCBO

    OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas will attend a rally in Orono, Ontario to hold the provincial government to its promise to maintain an LCBO store in the community. Orono first learned its LCBO was in jeopardy late in 2017 when managers announced the outlet would be closed, despite the fact it regularly generates a profit. […]
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Arbitrator-awards-rural-Canada-Post-carriers

    Arbitrator awards rural Canada Post carriers pay hike of up to 25 per cent

    Rural and suburban postal workers across Canada celebrated last week after an arbitrator ordered Canada to pay them more as part of a long-awaited pay equity decision. For a majority of the Crown agency’s mostly female rural and suburban carriers, the ruling translates into a 25 per cent pay increase, as well as some increased […]
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Woodstock-library-workers

    Woodstock library workers and library board reach tentative settlement

    A tentative settlement on a new collective agreement for workers at Woodstock Public Library was reached on September 19, averting a strike scheduled for midnight the following day. Teams negotiating for CUPE Local 1146 and the library board both agreed the deal. Read More.
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Solidarity-with-We-the-Students-Do-Not-Consent

    Solidarity with We the Students Do Not Consent

    CUPE Ontario members, including more than 55,000 education workers represented by the Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU), stand in solidarity with students taking part in the We the Students Do Not Consent walk-outs. CUPE Ontario and the OSBCU stand with students protesting the curriculum changes, not only as education workers and allies, but […]
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Hospital-unions-hope-to-end-hallway-medicine

    Hospital unions hope to end hallway medicine

    Officials from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU) are warning that if the new provincial Conservative government follows through on a proposed four per cent decrease in hospital funding, Kingston hospitals could lose between 61 to 90 beds and up to 460 staff at Kingston Health […]
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Statement-from-CUPE-education-workers

    Statement from CUPE education workers in support of Ontario teachers

    Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) are standing shoulder to shoulder with all other Ontario education workers as they take on the threats and attacks that constitute large parts of the Ford government’s “consultation into education reform” and the imposition of an outdated Health and Physical Education curriculum for the 2018-19 school […]
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Doctors-hostility-to-strikers

    Doctors’ hostility to strikers is fuelling violence against women that has sent two to hospital

    At least a half dozen legal picketers have been struck by vehicles outside the Owen Sound Family Health Organization, a marked increase of violence that is a direct consequence of the owners’ hostility to the workers. Read More.
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  • CUPE-2361---NEWS---Talks-break-off-between-Exhibition-Place

    Talks break off between Exhibition Place, locked out stagehands

    The union that represents stagehands locked out of Exhibition Place says talks with the venue’s board of governors have broken off. Read More.
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  • CUPE 2361 - NEWS - Family Health Organization strike continues

    Family Health Organization strike continues

    After more than 10 weeks and no end in sight to the strike at the Owen Sound Family Health Organization, the union representing the workers is contemplating “ramping up” their job action. The nurses, clerical and custodial staff who are members of OPSEU Local 276 have been on strike since May 22, fighting for fair […]
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  • CUPE 2361 - NEWS - Tentative deal ends Arrell Youth Centre lockout

    Tentative deal ends Arrell Youth Centre lockout: OPSEU

    A tentative deal to end a three-and-a-half month lockout at the Arrell Youth Centre has finally been reached, thanks to the help of a mediator. The 60 members of OPSEU Local 216 had been locked out since April 27 and the facility was closed, forcing the youth to relocate to centers across the province. Read […]
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